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Visa Requirements

Visitors from most countries will require an entry visa when traveling to Vietnam, with..

Travel Health

Vietnam is generally a safe country to visit, though travelers should exercise common..

Local Currency

Vietnam's national currency is the Dong (VND), which usually converts at a rate of..


Due to it's varied geography, Vietnam can be thought of as having three fairly distinct..

Local Customs

Tourism has become an important and established industry in Vietnam over the last decade..


Vietnamese is the national language, which can be difficult for travelers to pick up in a..

Transport Options

Vietnam has three international airports located at Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City...

Travel Tips

When traveling within the cities, it is generally a good idea to agree on the cost of a..

Local Food

Food in Vietnam is highly varied - travelers can find Western-style cuisine at the many..

Local Timezones

The entire country of Vietnam falls within the UTC/GMT+7 timezone. Daylight saving time..

Dutyfree Limits

Duty free limits are as follows (age restriction of 18 years for alcohol and tobacco..

Travel Health

Vietnam is generally a safe country to visit, though travelers should exercise common sense and be well informed. Vaccinations against Hepatitis A & B are recommended, and if traveling to rural areas consider immunisation against Japanese Encephalitis (similarly Rabies shots for those who could be exposed to infected animals).

Malaria precautions should be taken, particularly in rural areas. If traveling mainly in cities, mosquito repellant and diligence should be sufficient. For those traveling further out though anti-Malaria medication may be required. Consult your doctor before leaving to determine your risk.

Medical facilities can be limited, and visitors from developed countries may find the services not to the standard of their own country. Being careful and avoiding any illness / injury is the best recommendation, though if medical attention is required, international clinics in the major cities are the best bet.

Flash flooding can occur in some areas during the rainy season (June - Dec) through Northern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta region. Typhoons can also occur during this period, though usually are confined to the northern and central coast regions.

Minor crime is somewhat of a concern in the tourist areas, with bag-snatching and pick-pocketing the main type. Stay alert with moving with valuables in public, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Valuable items can usually be left with the reception desk at your hotel for safe keeping. Visitors to beach areas should not leave their belongings unattended while they swim.

Road traffic in cities can be dangerous, and caution should be exercised when crossing any road as vehicles may come from unexpected directions. Try to cross in obvious areas, or better still tag onto the back of a local going in the same direction.

Important emergency numbers are:

Police - 13

Fire - 14

Ambulance - 15

We strongly advise that all Australian travellers check the latest travel advice on the Australian Government Smart Traveller site.

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