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Though its history speaks of decades of conflict and struggle, Vietnam has emerged since the end of the 20th century as one of the most naturally beautiful and inviting countries of South East Asia. It's evolving landscape of lush forests, mountain highlands, coastal villages and modern cities offer visitors richly diverse experiences within a welcoming and easily traveled country, located on the eastern coast of continental South East Asia and only a few hours flying time north of Malaysia.

Dating back to the Hung Kings Dynasty that existed until around 200BC, Vietnam has since been the subject of imperial rule, colonisation and external influence from Chinese, Japanese, French and American influences. Though the scars of war can still be seen, the country has rebuilt itself with a true sense of nation and has become an established tourism destination.

Travelers to Vietnam are often surprised at just how diverse the country is given it's relatively small size. The southernmost regions, including the Mekong Delta provide the best examples of what Vietnam is well known for, jungle forests and riverside villages. Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as it is still called by the locals is a bustling city of around six million that combines emerging business with a vibrant nightlife. The central areas of Vietnam are less inhabited, but well worth a visit for those seeking to explore mountainous forests and lesser-known rural areas, while the north and Hanoi best depict 'traditional Vietnam', along with some truly stunning landscapes along the coastline.

Though Vietnam has such a varied nature, it still very much retains its own distinct feel. More and more travelers every year are discovering its delights, with many finding that all of it can't be fit into just one visit.

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