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The world's largest country, Russia, borders Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea. This country is so large it has eleven different time zones, holds some of the most important resources in the world such as oil, gas, coal, platinum, gold, chrome and asbestos, and experiences the extremes of climates.

Established in 1721, the Russian Empire reached its peak during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The division between the rulers and the ruled became clearly evident to all in the 19th century resulting in Russia becoming technologically, politically and culturally way behind Europe. After World War I, Imperial Russia's governmental and social institutions were badly strained allowing the formation of a socialist, one-party rule which led to a brutal civil war lasting until late 1920. Since then, the country struggles to rebuild a political system, as the government strives to recentralize power, boast the economy and put an end to crime.

Russia is a country of intrigue and mystery offering the adventurous traveler numerous destinations to visit such as the mountainous Caucasus, the magnificent Black Sea, the Volga River, Lake Baikal and the fascinating volcanoes of Kamchatka. History and Culture abounds in this massive country with a mixture of over 100 different nationalities and languages and an array of different religions.

Although on first approach Russians may come across as arrogant and cold you will find after a couple of vodkas they are actually humorous and welcoming and enjoy life to the full. To visit this country is an adventure filled experience of contradictions at every turn. There is poverty, unbelievable wealth, annoying bureaucracy, warn hospitality, and indescribable tyrants. The differing landscapes also add to the mystery of Russia with beautiful beaches, lush grasslands, tree lined forests, frozen tundra, endless lakes and snow topped mountains. A need of a mention is also the amazing palaces, the history strewn fortresses, the many churches and the old villages all adding to this amazing country.

Must see destinations while traveling through this vast country are St Petersburg filled with its history, Kranz with its golden sands, Gorodets home of the Volga river, Elista with its Buddhist's enclave, Dargavs with its ancient mausoleums and Kamchatka's Nalychevo Valley with its amazing hot springs. Every part of Russia is worth exploration and all for different reasons. Any traveler will find intrigue, unique experiences and adrenaline in this country of incredible mystery.

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