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From the stunning old towns of Krakow, Gdansk and Zamosc to the wild scenery of the mountainous south offering great skiing and hiking, and the wilderness of the Bialowieza National Park and the Great Malsurian Lakes in the country’s north, Poland offers unforgettable memories for all travellers. Situated in Central Europe, Poland is bordered by Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, and has a long Baltic Sea coastline.

Warsaw, the capital, and Krakow are modernising and changing fast. Warsaw was almost completely destroyed in WWII however today the city is a recreated old town with a progressive and upbeat population. Krakow is a stunningly preserved architectural marvel that has managed to survive the many wars Poland has endured. This country has a proud cultural heritage producing famous directors, composers, astronomers and leaders.

Poland offers extraordinary scenic beauty such as the wonderful sandy beaches along the Baltic coast together with the Slowinski National Park with its sand dunes and ethereal forests. The Great Malsurian Lakes in the country’s northeast offer boat enthusiasts hundreds of pristine lakes broken up by dense forest. Another highlight is the caves, limestone areas and medieval castles within the Krakow-Wielun Upland not to forget the beautiful area around the Carpathian Mountains in the country’s far south.

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Warsaw Information

Slight to the east of the centre of Poland, Warsaw is the nations capital and largest city, with..

Gdansk Information

North of Poland on the Baltic Sea. Has for centuries been one of the most important port cities in..

Krakow Information

Krakow lies in the southern region of Poland only about 100 kilometres or 60 miles from the borders..

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