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Yucatan Peninsula Information

Jutting upwards like a thumb pointing at Florida, the Yucatan Peninsula in south east Mexico separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Carribean Sea. It is hard to believe that until recently the Yucatan was only really visited by Archeologists studying the ancient Mayan culture or divers exploring the coastal reefs. Today the Yucatan is the most visited part of Mexico and it is easy to see why.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a mixture of modern resorts and ancient culture, of swimming pools and coral reefs, untamed jungles and nightclubs, resort towns and pyramids built long ago.

Cancun is arguably the most famous resort destination on the Yucatan, it attracts tens of thousands of students from the US who descend on the town to drink, swim and party. Another big resort destination is the town of Playa del Carmen, but there are literally dozens of ideallic beachside towns where visitors can enjoy the incredible blue sea and relax in the sun. Stunning coral reefs lie along the coastline and attract snorkellers and divers from around the world. The clear waters are often shared with dolphins who will approach swimmers with curiosity and smile at their swimming style.

Aside from the beaches the other major attraction on the Yucatan is the cultural sites left by the Mayan culture. There are many to visit and each provides a fascinating insite into this advanced civilisation which once dominated the region. Chichén Itzá is perhaps the most famous and well frequented of the Mayan sites. It is the seventh wonder of the modern world, and is one of the best restored of the mayan sites in the area. It is frequently quite crowded but breathtaking none the less. The Pyramids of Calakmul sited in a verdant jungle reserve, Uxmal are some of the other larger sites, however there are many smaller ones around the area as well.

Away from the slick resorts, and aside from the ruins of the Mayans there is still more that is on offer on the Yucatan. The capital, Merida is also known as the white city because of the use of white limestone throughout the city. It is a showcase of Colonial Spanish architecture and there is much to see. Away from the coast and large cities life in the smaller villages is still traditional and glimpses of the Mayan culture and lifestyle are still evident. It can be a rare treat to spend some time with the friendly and gentle people of the villages as well as a gastronmic delight.

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