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Mexico lies at the bottom of the North American continent forming a large part of the "bridge" that joins North and South America. There is almost 10,000 kilometres of coastline on the east and west coasts. To the north is the United States and the southern border is shared with Guatamala and Belize. The eastern coastline lies along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea while the west borders the pacific. It is a populous country with over 100 million people calling Mexico home. There are also many tourists visiting Mexico each year, in fact it is one of the most visited countries on earth ranked 7th by the World Tourism Organisation.

Like some of it's more southern counterparts, Mexico has a long history spanning thousands of years. Early history involved some of the big name civilisations, the Olmecs, Maya, and more recently the Aztecs. The spanish invaded and dismantled the Aztec civilisation in just a couple of years in the early 16th century. Following years of fighting that culminated in independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico went through a period of political instability and periods of repressive rule. During the 1800's Mexico lost territory to a fledgling United States, and in the early 1900's Mexico went through a revolution, until it emerged and went through a one party democratic period until 2000 when the country had it's first ever peaceful change of power.

As a tourist destination Mexico has much to offer. There are many well known destinations such as Cancun on the Caribbean Sea, and Tijuana, close to the US city of San Diego and favoured by US visitors for shopping. Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta are another couple of locations that are immediately recognisable as tourist destinations. The Baja Peninsula is a beautiful area with long beaches backed by mountains and countless bays and inlets, ideal for boating and whale watching. These locations and others are well set up with a huge variety of resorts, restaurants and attractions that are very popular for those looking for a no-hassle holiday to relax and unwind.

The capital, Mexico City is huge, crowded, lively, and great fun. One of the worlds largest metropolises, Mexico City offers everything from ancient ruins, cool fusion restaurants, museums, galleries and shopping in abundance. Super modern sky scrapers sit alongside Spanish Colonial buildings and architecture that is some of the most creative in the world.

If something a little more adventurous is to your liking Mexico has plenty to offer just off the main trails. Outdoor adventures in the highlands can be found in magnificent Mexican wilderness areas, while in the more southern parts there are tropical rainforests. Deserts, plainlands and rugged mountains round out the picture of a very diverse landscape. The remnants of ancient civilisations can be explored in many places, one of the best being the Teotihuacan ruins, an ancient Aztec city just 40 kilometres north of Mexico City. Chichén Itzá on the Yucatan Peninsula and Monte Alban are also amazing archeological sites.

Mexico is many things to many people, it is a diverse an interesting destination, offering history, relaxation, adventure and fun no matter what your interest.

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