Grenada Travel Tips



Visa Requirements

Entry into Grenada requires a valid passport and a return or onward ticket for all..

Travel Health

Grenada is a safe place to visit, with few endemic diseases and very little crime...

Local Currency

Grenada’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$ or XCD), made up of 100 cents...


Grenada has a tropical climate, with a hot and humid rainy season from June to December..

Local Customs

The population of Grenada is approximately 110 000, with a unique combination of..


English is the official language of Grenada, although the strong Grenadian accent has..

Transport Options

Grenada’s main airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport, formerly known as Point..

Travel Tips

While the spice markets in St George’s are amazing, many tourists report that it is..

Local Food

The cultural diversity of Grenada is evident in the variety of cuisine available in the..

Local Timezones

Grenada is in the GMT -4 zone, also known as the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. It is one..

Dutyfree Limits

Duty free shopping is available at the airport on the main island and also in the..

Travel Tips

While the spice markets in St George’s are amazing, many tourists report that it is best to purchase spices from the small roadside stalls in the countryside. They are cheaper, often fresher and usually grown in the backyard of the vendor. Road signs are few and far between in Grenada, so avoid getting lost by taking a guide or asking for clear directions before leaving town. Beware of guides who ‘attach’ themselves to you without your permission and then expect to be paid. Be firm and always negotiate a price before accepting their services.

Highlights of Grenada

Levera Beach Information

The scenery is beautiful, and marine areas are famous for their coral reefs and sea grass beds that provide shelter for..

Grand Etang Lake Information

Located in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, the Grand Etang Lake is a natural water-filled crater of one of Grenada'a..

Belmont Estate Information

Just an hour's scenic drive from St George's, Belmont Estate offers travellers an exceptional experience, greatly..

Carenage Information

The inner harbour is a perfect horseshoe shape and is the centre of marine activity in St. George’s. Georgian..

Grand Anse Beach Information

If you think you recognize Grand Anse Beach, that’s because it’s the unblemished poster child for the beauty of..

Fort George Information

Overlooking the harbour, Fort George, built in 1706 is a vantage point for sightseers and offers a spectacular view of..

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

The most popular areas in Grenada for hiking and trekking is undoubtedly the rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest..

Grenada Sugar Factory Information

While in Grenada come visit the Grenada Sugar Factory, it is a "must see" for all visitors. The Grenada Sugar Factory..


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