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No other continent can equal the mind-boggling variety and diversity that Europe offers. The concept of modern travel really started here with the Grand Tours of the 17th century, when the young aristocracy of Britain toured the Renaissance cities of France and Italy. Today the concept has grown somewhat, with Europe now attracting 480 million international visitors a year, and with seven of her great cities listed among the 10 most visited in the world!

In Europe travelers can walk in the centuries old footsteps of pilgrims, march across ancient and modern battlefields, or run with the bulls. Europe's climates range from subarctic to subtropical, and the terrain from alpine meadow to azure Mediterranean. From tapas to strudel, from lederhosen to bowler hats, from Cockney rhyming slang to Basque, the cultures change with each border crossing - which are often only a few hours drive away.

There are so many ways to experience Europe. Some travelers prefer to immerse themselves in a single city such as London or Paris, heading out each day on foot or by public transport. Some choose to explore one of the many iconic regions like Provence or Tuscany, by bicycle or hire car. Then there are those who take on the entire continent by coach or train, sometimes within 14 days!

From her monuments and museums, to her architecture and cultural traditions, to visit Europe is to literally breathe history. But Europe has always been a part of the future too; a continent of cutting edge ideas, modern infrastructure, open borders, and tolerance towards other cultures, it's easy to see why the rest of the world travels to Europe.

"Eiffel Tower - France"

Eiffel Tower - France 


Hadrian's Wall - England 

"Belfast Castle - Ireland"

Belfast Castle - Ireland 

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Europe & United Kingdom
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