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Visa Requirements

Upon arrival into the UK, you must present a valid passport, and in some cases, a visa...

Travel Health

There are no endemic diseases in the United Kingdom and no vaccinations are required to..

Local Currency

British money is based on the decimal system – there are one hundred pence to each..


The climate of the UK is best described as humid-temperate. The weather is notoriously..

Local Customs

Most residents of the UK are friendly and polite and tolerant of visitors. The UK's..


The UK has two official languages, English and Welsh. The latter is spoken only in Wales..

Transport Options

International airports are located throughout all the countries that are part of the..

Local Food

British food is famous for being on the unhealthy side, perhaps the most notable aspect..

Local Timezones

In the winter months, Britain operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). However, British..

Dutyfree Limits

Visitors over 18 can bring the following into the UK without paying duty: • 200..

regions of England

London Information

London is the capital of England and Great Britain (comprising of Scotland , Wales , Northern Ireland and England..

East Midlands Information

East Midlands consists of the six counties of Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leisestershire, Northamptonshire..

East of England Information

Just to the north of London, the region known as East of England is made up of Norfolk and Suffolk, Bedfodshire..

England South East Information

South East England has something to offer everyone. Visitors can enjoy the relaxed settings of the many famous cities..

England South West Information

Only an hour and a half away from London, the South West Region of England transports visitors into a world of superb..

England's North Country Information

From the great heritage cities of York and Chester to the Lake District and Hadrian's Wall, National Parks and rugged..

Heart of England Information

The Heart of England, also known as the West Midlands has several distinct and fascinating regions guaranteed to keep..



The climate of the UK is best described as humid-temperate. The weather is notoriously variable in most parts of the UK from day to day but the variation from winter to summer is relatively small compared to most countries. The UK also has a relatively high rainfall - so be prepared for showers or overcast conditions. Due to the UK's northerly latitudes, it experiences long summer evenings, however winter days can be particularly short. In general the east is drier than the west.

England has warmer weather than the other parts of the UK with average summer maximums of just over 20°C and winter minimums of around 1°C.

Northern Island has average summer maximums of about 18°C and winter minimums similar to England of about 1°C

Scotland is the coolest of the UK countries with average summer maximums of just over 16°C and average winter minimums falling just below zero.

Wales has average summer maximums approaching 20°C and winter minimums averaging just over 1°C

Highlights of England

Bath Information

Bath - the Roman city Learn everything about Bath from its historic landmarks like the Roman Baths and Pump Room to..

Northumberland Information

For all its current peaceful nature, Northumberland has a turbulent past evidenced by its flush of castles; more are..

Cambridgeshire Information

Start in the famous University city of Cambridge, noted for its historic colleges, museums, bookshops and punting...

Cumbria The Lake District Information

From 16 sparkling lakes and England's highest mountains, to sheltered valleys, heather moorlands and salty seascapes..

Oxfordshire Information

Oxfordshire is a rural retreat, known worldwide for its beauty, character and charm.It has a diverse mix of cities..

Liverpool Information

Liverpool - discover a city of culture Learn everything about Liverpool from its historic landmarks like Albert Dock..

Brighton Information

Brighton - a city by the sea Learn everything about Brighton from its historic landmarks like Brighton Pier and the..

Greater Manchester Information

Manchester is a unique city, described as original, edgy and happening the city in the north of England is a mix of the..


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