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Anlong Veng Information

Anlong Veng is a small rural town that lies near the northern Cambodia / Thailand border around one hundred kilometres north of Siem Reap. Historically it is significant as the final Khmer Rouge stronghold in Cambodia that was liberated by government forces in 1998.

For many years, Anlong Veng was a home and sanctuary to some of the Khmer Rouge's most prominent members, such as Pol Pot and Ta Mok. The leaders chose for themselves secluded locations of great natural beauty for their residence, the remains of which can still be visited today. As a base for the political leadership the area was one of the few to see any benefit during the KR's reign which came in the form of hospitals and other local infrastructure, and because of this there are some people still living here today that look upon the Khmer Rouge governance as a period of prosperity and equality.

For visitors, there are limited options for traveling to Anlong Veng because of its small size and remoteness. Some government-run transport does pass through the area, however the most likely method of getting there is via privately hired transport or organised tour. Accommodation options range from a few basic guesthouses in the town itself to a remote mountain-top lodge near Ta Mok's former residence. Other local sites of interest include the cremation site of Pol Pot, Ta Mok's resting place and the Anlong Veng lake & spillway, another infrastructure project conceived by the Khmer Rouge.

Anlong Veng usually serves as a transit point for those moving either south to Siem Reap or further west to the temple of Preah Vihear. Landmines still exist in the forested areas surrounding the town so it is advisable to only move on well-established roads and paths which have been cleared and made safe.

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