Bunyip State Park

Bunyip State Park
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Bunyip State Park
Via Gembrook-Launching Place Rd
Gembrook 3783
Website: parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/bunyip-state-park

Bunyip State Park Information

In February 2009, 45 per cent of Bunyip State Park was burnt by wildfire. Despite this dramatic event this park is once again an amazing escape where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy native plants and animals.

See a mosiac of green from heathland on river plains to Mountain Ash forest covering steep slopes. Whatever recreational pursuit you enjoy, Bunyip State Park provides opportunities for all.

The legend of the bunyip

Beware of the Bunyip, a dark furry animal with a round face, small ears and fiery eyes that glow in the dark!

According to the Aboriginal people, the Bunyip or "Buneep" (as spelt on early maps which show the river, first cattle run and township) is a spirit that punishes bad people.

Local Aboriginal people believed the Bunyip lived in the swamps of the Bunyip River, and therefore avoided the area. Many early settlers, believing this story, never pitched their tents near a 'Bunyip hole'. People were also careful not to make ripples when collecting water. This upset the Bunyip.

Before you go

Conditions can change in parks for many reasons. For the latest information on changes to local conditions, please visit the relevant park page on the Parks Victoria website.

Be bushfire ready in the great outdoors. Refer to the Bushfire Safety section on the Parks Victoria website for tips on how to stay safe.

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