Derby Pioneer Cemetery

Derby Pioneer Cemetery
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Derby Pioneer Cemetery
Lovegrove Street
Derby 6728
Western Australia
Phone: 08 9191 1426
Fax: 08 9191 1609

Derby Pioneer Cemetery Information

The Derby Pioneer Cemetery was the final resting place for several significant figures who carved a place in Derby’s history. The cemetery is a feature on the Pigeon Heritage Trail, which takes you on a self guided tour of Derby. Find out the story of the legendary Aboriginal tracker known as Jandamarra or Pigeon.

Search for the grave of Constable Richardson, the policeman Pigeon shot dead, which resulted in the mutiny and started a rebellion against the police.

Before visiting the cemetery, stop in at the Derby Visitors Centre and collect a booklet about the Pigeon Heritage Trail and the story of Pigeon.

The town of Derby is just under three hours drive north east of Broome and a two and a half hour flight from Perth.

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