Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff
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Eagle Bluff
Hamelin Road
Denham 6537
Western Australia
Phone: 08 9948 1590
Fax: 08 9948 1599
Website: www.sharkbayvisit.com

Eagle Bluff Information

Eagle Bluff features a spectacularly high cliff that overlooks the Denham Sound near Shark Bay. Walk along the boardwalk to see breathtaking views out across the water. Time your visit at sunset and you will witness one of the most magnificent sunset’s in the west.

This site is an excellent spot for divers and snorkelers. If you get a chance to get into the water you will be amazed by the abundance of fish and coral in this stretch of water and if you are lucky you may also see dolphins, sharks and dugongs. Keep an eye out for the extremely rare West Australian seahorse.

While Eagle Bluff does not have an official camp site, by contacting the Shire of Shark Bay prior to your arrival you may be able to arrange to camp there and be fortunate enough to have the area to yourself for the night.

Eagle Bluff is a 10.5 hour drive north of Perth.

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