World Travel Guide


World Travel Guide

The world is an amazing place. PleaseTakeMeTo's world holiday guides have been developed to help you plan and discover some of the planet's best holiday destinations. Unlike many travel and holiday planning sites, we focus on what is important - the destinations themselves. Our World Holiday Guides can show you amazing places from the outback of Australia to the most extravagant cities of Europe and everything in between.

PleaseTakeMeTo has thousands of photos and hundreds of videos, covering the world's best places for a vacation or holiday. Explore it all with interactive maps and detailed information pages, marvel at the best collection of holiday photos you will find anywhere and when you find what you like, take a look at the huge range of accommodation options we have. You will also find an excellent range of package deals, airfares, tours and more.

Broome - Australia Cheow Larn lake - Thailand New Zealand Tahiti Banff - Canada Kruger National Park - South Africa

Australia, NZ & South Pacific


There are places on this planet that are beautiful beyond description. Places undeniably worth..

New Zealand

The whole world has a soft spot for New Zealand. It is beautiful and charming, not far from the..


Fiji, also known as the Fijian islands is a picturesque Melanesian country located in the South..

Cook Islands

Over some 2 million square kilometres in the Pacific Ocean, an area about the size of Western..


Samoa - half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and much more than half way to being a perfect..

Tahiti and French Polynesia

Sitting in the South Pacific Ocean, roughly half way between South America and Australia, French..


Vanuatu is an archipelago made up of 83 stunning tropical islands located in the South Pacific..

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is an archipelago in the South Pacific region of southern Melanesia. It is the third..



Located just 2 kilometres off the eastern coast of Java, Bali is a beautiful tropical island in..


The Kingdom of Thailand is located in southeast asia, and borders Burma (Myanmar) to the northwest..


The constitutional monarchy of Malaysia lies in the heart of Southeast Asia and consists of two..


Known as one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia Singapore is a modern, affluent city..


Lying off the eastern coast of the Asian continent across the Sea of Japan, is an archipelago of 5..


South Korea is situated in East Asia and occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsular..


Though its history speaks of decades of conflict and struggle, Vietnam has emerged since the end of..

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small Special Administrative Region of China located on the southern border of..

Europe & United Kingdom


France is a large country in Western Europe. The French share borders with the Belgians and..


England is a country of great diversity, both in the places you visit and the people you meet. The..


Italy is situated on the Meditteranean Sea, in central southern continental Europe. It shares..


Vibrant cities with amazing architecture, enchanting medieval villages and traditional wine..


For a country small in land size, Ireland is one of the big tourist destinations. It sits on the..


Exotic Spain! What could be more passionate than the flamenco, more majestic than the Andalusian..


A common image of Greece is of the white-washed villas with cascading bouganvillea set against an..


Austria is a landlocked alpine country in central Europe, bordering Switzerland and Liechtenstein..


Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and is located in the northern part of Britain. It is a..

North America

United States of America

The United States of America or "The USA" as it is more commonly known looms large in our..


As the second largest country in the world, Canada spans almost 10 million square kilometres..


Mexico lies at the bottom of the North American continent forming a large part of the "bridge" that..

South America


Peru is a country of contrasts. Situated on the west coast of South America, it offers a wide..


Argentina is located on the south east of South America. The country is the second largest on the..


The Republic of Ecuador is a democratic state located in the equatorial region of South America. It..


Huge in size in both land area population, Brazil is one of the world most flamboyant destinations...


Chile has over 5000 km of coast on the South Pacific Ocean and narrowly stretches along the..


Bolivia lies in the heart of South America with Brazil to the northeast, Peru to the northwest..


Uruguay is located in South America on the South Atlantic Coast. The country borders Argentina on..


South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is a beautiful country at the tip of southern Africa. It is bordered..


Morocco is a North African country that borders Mauritania to the south, Algeria to the east and..


The small, multicultural island of Mauritius is located east of Madagascar and southeast of the..

Caribbean & Central America


Leisurely, lovely, and outright fun, The Bahamas delivers a steady stream of sun-filled days and..


Barbados is a tropical island of 430 square kilometres located in the western Atlantic Ocean just..

Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda are a single country located off between the North..

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the perfect spot for your family vacation. There's something for everyone..


Jamaica is so popular that its music and culture are probably familiar to you, and it’s among the..

St Lucia

At once exotic and soothing, this charming island invites you to get acquainted with its warm..


Sunning, sailing, diving, dining, and partying – in the vast Caribbean, vacation fun is spelled..


More than 100 million years ago, this island was born of a turbulent marriage between fiery lava..


Its panoramic views, numerous cultural and historical attractions, and pristine environment help..

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory located in the eastern Caribbean Ocean. Made up..

Cayman Islands

Relaxed and casual, yet sophisticated and stylish -- come experience the friendly hospitality and..

St Kitts and Nevis

Enjoy a quiet vacation -- or an action-filled getaway packed with water sports thrills -- in a..

Turks & Caicos Islands

For a secluded, uncommon, yet comforting getaway in one of the Caribbean’s most sparkling hidden..

Middle East


Egypt on the North East of the African continent is a destination which has been etched into the..

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a nation of seven regions (emirates) on the southeastern tip of..


Situated in the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman is on the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula...


Located in the Middle East, Jordan is bordered to the west by the West Bank and Israel, to the..

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